Heger –
A company with a sense of identity


We understand Corporate Social Responsibility as a holistic business concept that integrates all sustainability dimensions.

Thus Heger takes on social responsibility and makes social, ecological and economical contributions which go beyond the mere compliance of legal provisions.

Heger sees itself as part of society. The company contributes to the shaping of this society and takes on responsibility in various ways: in the arts in cooperation with different artists, in regional sponsoring and in youth development.

If you are interested in our sponsoring, please contact us at info@heger-gruppe.de

Youth Development

The focus lies on the exchange of information and experience between schools and the economy. Teachers can gain fundamentals and tools on how to pass on knowledge about economic correlations, problems and processes as well as career guidance. Business representatives shall be able to get insights in the tasks, approaches and possibilities at schools.

Providing primary experiences is of prior importance. This provides both, trainer and trainee, with the possibility to form their own opinion based on their own perception.


Sponsoring of Arts & Culture

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