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Innovation from process to product

Thanks to numerous in-house innovations, our vision "from product supplier to system service provider" has long become reality. But this does not mean that we now rest on our laurels, we keep going.

Be it the unique production hall "circular foundry" in Sembach or our innovative process control - we at Heger always work with the latest technologies and keep our production as well as our employees up to date.

We live up to innovation in all divisions!

Materials innovation

Heger Group is also deeply involved in materials development. Our employees actively participate both in associations as well as in research committees and projects.

The material group "solid-solution-strengthened spheroidal graphite cast iron", newly included in the DIN ISO, stands for a successful engagement of experts. This "third generation" cast iron is a milestone in our industry. A very quick implementation proves the technological maturity of our family business.

You can find further information under Werkstoffnormen.

Rethinking Production

Everywhere in the world where new foundries are established, the style of their factory layout is still old-fashioned - but not at Heger, where they developed a new plant concept already in 2008/2009. In order to sustainably improve the process chain, all production processes underwent critical review.

The outcome is impressive! The circular production hall forms a closed process chain and is the most unique solution of its kind worldwide.

Automated transportation on a circular path prevents unnecessary waiting times and transport routes. Only one type of activity is performed in each hall and processes do not disturb each other.

For the first time, the workstations are stationary and can therefore be designed correctly in terms of productivity, safety and ergonomics. Employees have their own personal tools and stationary workplaces. Emissions are collected right on the spot and dust has no chance to spread everywhere.

"The Heart of the Economy", an initiative of the German M+E Arbeitgeberverbände (German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries) has made a movie on HegerFerrit.

Ideenskizze zur neuen Produktionshalle
Ideenskizze zur neuen Produktionshalle
Modell der Produktionshalle
Modell der Produktionshalle
Produktionshalle in Sembach
Produktionshalle in Sembach

Development by Research

Together with cooperation partners from research, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM, Johannes Heger continuously develops new ideas in order to improve the processes. This cooperation produced, for example, an extended visualization environment which comprises for the first time a continuous connection of process simulation and component design.

This is not only about faster order processing but techniques that facilitate the implementation of completely new product designs.

Simulations help the foundrymen at Heger to optimize the components as well as the entire production process. On-screen presentations also support the company's customer relationships.

Cooperation Partners

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