Transparent Processes –
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Production & Process Control


At Heger, we live up to quality management in all areas. Quality assurance and inspection of our production is supported by the software tool "HG.Visutec", which has been developed specifically to meet our requirements.

This software provides an overview of the current production state, informs about the production path of a component in hindsight or displays the production process in slow motion. The condition of individual machines and equipment can also be retrieved.

Each and every employee can retrieve important information any time directly at his or her workstation via a touchscreen.

Workpiece data are stored at any point in time and can be retrieved either directly or from the archive. Any data can be exported, such as the processes, the casting point in time and cooling time or chemical analyses, test values, or certificates. This enables us to recognize deviations very early and to rectify them, if needed.

With this comprehensive process control we can offer to our customers the utmost in quality and safety.


HG.Visutec is a software to archive multimedia data in a database. The advantages are detailed documentation of manufacturing processes, a structured commutation with production employees and chronological archiving of important revision versions.

The consequential archiving of quality relevant manufacturing information and the constant availability of such data for each and every employee, directly at his or her workstation via touchscreen, provides for an increased production reliability, more efficient failure documentation and finally a better process knowledge on the part of the staff.

Further advantages of the system are the possibility to provide each employee's personal expertise to the entire company and with this to create a "knowledge database" that is resistant to aging, available any time (in particular in shift operation) and that can be centrally archived.

This enables us to:

  • provide each employee's expertise to everybody
  • ensure quality in small series production and in case of long intervals between orders
  • ensure production reliability also during staff turnover, vacation time and sick leave