Company Policy


1.1 Basic Policy

With more than 100 years of experience in casting and the know-how of our company and employees, which we in particular foster, we are able to comprehensively identify and meet the requirements and desires of our valued customers. The necessary economic acting and forming is directly affecting environment and nature.

From this influence, we derive the particular responsibility to continuously improve environmental compatibility and energy consumption of our production sites, castings resulting therefrom in their demanded and recognized quality and to reduce the related impact on environment and energy resources.

Castings can be produced with profit based on a central material procurement that is favorable to the environment, constantly safeguarding active health and safety and environmentally compatible disposal of by-products.

In order to fulfill this policy, we at Heger strive to be a constant and reliable partner to our customers, employees, the neighborhood in cities, municipalities, and districts.

1.2 The same Policy for Quality, Environment, and Energy

Heger undertakes to:

  • Take profitability into consideration, continuously improve the quality of our services and processes, effects and impact on the environment in all aspects and the efficiency of the entire energy balance.
  • Comply with customer requirements in terms of quality, applicable law and official regulations that are of importance when investigating and determining environmental and energy aspects, to regularly check for updates and to present such information in some suitable form.
  • Agree on and map quality, environment and energy-related goals and determine the procedure to achieve such goals; present such goals frequently to the management, track key figures and control them with suitable and expedient measures and the provision of resources.
  • Communicate openly and trustfully with employees, business partners, municipalities, public authorities, administrative bodies and neighborhood.

The sections 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 describe the policy in terms of quality, environment, and energy. Individual paragraphs may overlap with some standard requirements.

1.3 Component: Quality Policy

Heger undertakes to:

  • Always meet our customers' requirements and expectations and to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Systematically support our awareness of our customers' expectations and the necessary skills to fulfill them.

1.4 Component: Environment Policy

Heger undertakes to:

  • Use water, energy, and resources wisely and avoid, reduce or keep environmental pollution on the lowest acceptable level.
  • Recycle residues to the extent this is technically and economically reasonable.
  • To regularly assess the impact our products and processes they have on the environment by identifying environmental and energy aspects in proper and improper operation.

1.5 Component: Energy Policy

Heger undertakes to:

  • Record energy consumption in all areas and present the findings in an appropriate form. Analyze possible savings potentials, assess them and scrutinize the most important findings for energy efficiency.
  • Promote the use of alternative energy production.
  • Constantly verify the use of renewables.

2. The Company's Commitment

We decided to consequently fulfill our requirements arising from our company policy. The quality, environment and energy policy of Heger is based on continuous team building across the entire company structure and mutual support in order to obtain appropriate solutions for strategic and operational topics. This applies in particular to a company operating in a sector that is sensitized for active environmental protection. The process-related intensive use of energy is our driver to continuously question our energy consumption.

Data and information obtained, also from open dialog with the public close to the locations, are the pre-requisite for company decisions.

Heger undertakes to identify and continuously assess all relevant environmental effects and the consumption of energy arising from processes, products and services in accordance with UVA-01.