Our Values –
From Tradition to Innovation


We as a modern and traditional family business strive to combine the best values from both worlds. This means for us to live stability and continuity as well as innovation and progress.

Stability and continuity are essential factors for customer relationships and employee development. Innovation and modernization are crucial factors when it comes to development and production.

Our customers are our future. We pursue to maintain our customer relationships in the long term and to satisfy our customers 100%. This is ensured by our well-trained employees and high-quality products.

We are open for new areas of activity and develop those strategically.

We intend to bind our employees in the long-run and provide the possibility for them to be able to develop as best as possible. Therefore, we always strive to implement and use the latest processes, working materials or production processes.

As a family business, we also think of the next generation, i.e. we try to implement reasonable and in particular sustainable solutions in any area. In the energy sector, for example, we not only try to decrease our specific energy consumption but in addition we built our own wind turbine with which we cover in, financial terms, approximately 1/3 of HegerFerrit's energy demand. (See Presseartikel)

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Integrity, appreciation, reliability and sustainability are the fundamental values on which HEGER's business activities are based. Therefore, we expect from our business partners to comply with certain rules so that we can be sure that we all act and work on the basis of the same values and principles.

Organizational Requirements and Management Responsibility

HEGER expects from its business partners to introduce and maintain appropriate compliance procedures in order to ensure an effective compliance with this business partner code or with guidelines and codes of conduct implemented by the business partner themselves.

Human Rights and fair Conditions

HEGER expects that business partners at their location or during their business activities protect human rights and ensure their compliance so that working conditions are according to statutory provisions and international standards and conventions (such as those of ILO, OECD or the Global Compact Initiative of the UNO).

Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Secrets and Data Protection

Business partners are obliged to protect intellectual property rights of third parties and maintain their trade secrets confidential. Business partners have to protect Heger's property rights, trade secrets and personal data as well as our customers' data which the business partner learned about during order processing with HEGER.

Integrity in Business Transactions

HEGER's business partners have to conduct their businesses in accordance with statutory regulations and internationally agreed benchmarks of business ethics.

Reporting System, Control and Sanctioning

Should you as our business partner become aware of a breach of this business partner code, you are obliged to notify us of this breach. Depending on the seriousness of this breach, HEGER may impose appropriate corrective actions on the business partner. 

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

HEGER expects from its business partners to manage their business responsibly to ensure that environmental requirements as defined in relevant acts, provisions, and permits are complied with.

Business Partners' Obligations and Contractual Obligations

The business partners' declaration of commitment to comply with this business code is the basis of our business relationship. 

Export Control

HEGER's business partners are obliged to comply with acts concerning export control and export sanctions.

Compliance Contact

It is not easy to always find the correct procedure. If you are unsure what to do in certain situations or should you have additional questions, please try to find an in-house solution first.

In order to implement this business partner code, please contact us at HEGER under: info@heger-gruppe.de

Let's join forces! Let's use the compliance tool to improve our business possibilities and to gain competitive advantage through ethical business practices!